new kitchen!

"New Kitchen" is so worth it.  Take a look at the old kitchen.  I believe you will agree.

new bottom cabinets and hardware
new countertop
new sink
new faucet
garbage disposal!
I made the curtains.  The linen came from Scott's g-parents.

bye bye rollie dishwasher
hello, full size :)

drawers that don't slide in front of the fridge
no more aluminum backsplash tiles

new tile floor, gray with gray grout

close up of tile floor

new register

yellow walls with white trim, white/gray marbled backsplash, cabinet pulls

black counterop, backsplash, white cabinets

yellow walls!  and the oven that Scott fixed--yeah, Scott!!!

and our lovely patched ceiling with light fixture

Let me know when you want to come see it in person :)


Dennis said...

wow, it looks great! I love tile. did you already have that wooden microwave table?

Kelly Sime said...

Dennis--Yes, my father-in-law made the table with wine rack for a x-mas gift a couple of years ago. It is beautiful!

Shelley Dawn said...

Looks awesome! I love the kitchen curtains made from linens. We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel ourselves. Where did you get the register? I really like the vintage look.

Linnae said...

What a huge difference! I'll bet you enjoy being in your kitchen now!

pom. said...

this looks so beautiful!!! way to go, guys!

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