old kitchen

We've been, well, the boys have been, battling all kinds of sickness here--fever, sinus infection, allergic reaction and a cold. This in the midst of a kitchen re-do. After stalling for more than a year, we hired the pros to tackle the job. Here are the before photos:

old kitchen floor
scuzzy old floor
1950's school cafeteria?

old kitchen
old: cabinets, countertop, backsplash, sink, faucet
portable dishwasher
no disposal

old kitchen
cabinets before pro paint job
old backsplash, some metal (METAL?) tiles missing due to electrical work

old kitchen
the yellow we kept on the walls, but the pros redid our job


Aimee said...

OH!! I cannot WAIT to see the afters!! Hope the boys feel mo betta!

Linnae said...

I hope everyone feels better soon. Remodelling is exciting (especially when it's finished!)

Anonymous said...

A bar sink may well be for cipher a lot more than rinsing little glasses, totally the fashion up to becoming utilised to clean dishes and pots. It can also exist needed to do anything in between those things.

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