dining room

Before I show you "new kitchen", I'll show you another project we completed this week--painting our dining room.

We'd picked out the purple a long time ago, but never had the time to get it done.

You know how it goes, there's always something going on.

Scott and I figured that while we were moving and rearranging anyway because of the kitchen, we'd finally get to this project.

Look closely at the artwork, it's Owen's painting :)


Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

So, so pretty!! We were both obviously in purple moods when we painted our dining rooms - but mine is more of a lavender.
I LOVE Owen's painting. I want to frame some of Kieran's paintings too, but I hadn't thought about finger painting - great idea!

KNG said...

I love the color! Spectacular execution!

Linnae said...

oooh purple. Looks great!

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