sew, sew, sewing machine

One of the skills I've promised to work on now that I have more time, being finished with school and all (the diploma came in the mail!) is to start sewing. This is my mother's old sewing machine. That's the manual laying in front of it. The introduction begins, "Dear Homemaker"--I love it!!!

Most of the sewing I've done in my life was before I left high school. I took a "home ec" class in middle school and I clearly remember sewing a sun dress with my mother one summer. It was one of those projects that's supposed to take a day. I'm afraid my patience for sewing at that time didn't last all day. So, I'm frightened to say that it's been 15 or so years since my last completed sewing project. Wish me luck :)


Linnae said...

Good for you! I have really gotten into sewing lately. I've enjoyed making things for our home (a window shade, a booster sead pad--little stuff!) and altering some clothes as well. One of my favorite project books is "Handmade Home." I think I've made 3 things out of there now, with more I still want to do!
So...good luck and have fun!

CDL said...

Wow! My first sewing machine was a Kenmore just like this only a soft green color. I even remember the picture on the instruction book. It's a good machine to start on.

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