wood family give-away

Remember how I posted about Owen's b-day gifts?

I'm pleased to tell you that Gemmielou has agreed to give away a set of the same dolls I bought Owen.

You can see them here and visit her Etsy shop too :)

For a chance to win, please comment on my blog about a favorite gift you've received. I'll pick a random winner one week from today, on July 8th. So leave your comment before then. Good luck!


Mandaladreamer said...

One of the gifts I really cherish was my dad's copy of John Donne's poetry. He inscribed it to me when I was a teenager and I still have it.
Jeanne K.

Helen said...

My son Kerry is 15, so he's starting to forget that he has a Mom. So for Christmas I told him that my present was that he he had to spend a few days with me. I let his friends come too, just to dull the suffering. First trip was to Shatto Milk, second The Federal Reserve Bank, and last was the Harley Davidson factory. I think they all had an fun and I enjoyed it more than any "thing" he could have given me.

Nikol said...

Best gift ever was the very first piece that Dustin wrote for me. He has such an amazing way with words, and I LOVED it!

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