b-day presents

This house is one of the gifts we gave Owen for his birthday.

I bought some small people, something like these, for him to play with as well.

See his pants? They were a b-day gift from his aunt, uncle and neice. We call them the "Phish" pants :)


Abby Minard said...

Cute! Did you make the house??

Kelly Sime said...

Thanks, Abby. We bought the house (Melissa and Doug, I think) from a friend. I used some watercolor paints on it.

Be sure to watch my blog this week. I'm doing a give-away related to this post!

Jill Cook said...

Kelly- Our M&D dollhouse is probably the number one most played with toy in our house. I keep it on a little end table and every kid who comes into the house must touch it :) I love the watercolor effect. It was fun running into you at WF yesterday! I wanted to say something about how big Owen looks but you know how it is when you are headed opposite directions like that.

Kelly Sime said...

Thanks, Jill.

It is amazing to me that Owen is three years old already.

We will plan to come over to one of your Friday play days so we can visit with you more.

I hope your family is doing well. I enjoyed seeing your photos from vacation on Facebook :)

carmelle said...

My nephew is the cutest!

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