Joplin auction

I hadn't realized the devastation that the tornado in Joplin caused until I casually flipped on the TV last week before falling asleep. I deliberately try to distance myself from the news, feeling that it's sensationalistic much of the time. But when I saw the piles of mess that were houses and workplaces of the people of Joplin, I couldn't push it out of my mind. Trying to explain to Owen that the rubble was someone's house was crushing. It was so out of his realm, he couldn't believe us. In this case, the media didn't need to magnify the situation, just showing the footage was more than enough.

While this was on my mind, the following came to me in an e-mail at work last week:

This past Sunday, our colleagues at the Joplin Public Library experienced a terrible tragedy. Although the library was not damaged, as a result of the tornado, eight employees lost their homes, and the homes of two others were significantly damaged.

Two employees sustained minor injuries: One staff member suffered a broken arm while protecting her child and another received thousands of abrasions on his back when the place in which he took shelter collapsed.

What would we do if we lost our home???

After some thought, I came up with this idea.

I'm auctioning one of my photos, framed, for the Joplin Public Library Staff Relief Fund.

Here is a photo of the framed photograph:

The photo is ready to hang. It's strung with wire. It's 11x14.

Here is the photograph:

The auction will end a week from today--Tuesday, June 7th. Please post a comment to bid. Let's start at $20. Thanks for helping me support the staff at the Joplin Public Library.


Aunalise said...

I will start the bid at $20. - Aunalise

Linda K said...

$25 is my bid. Linda K.

Lynnette said...

$500 is my bid. Thank you for letting us know about these librarians (and their families) in need. - Lynnette

carmelle said...

Well, I can't beat $500! My heart goes out to all in Joplin who were touched in someway by the tornado. It could have just as easily been me or my family.

Shannon said...

YOU are amazing. Such a kind, loving, wonderful soul. -Shannon

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