My friend, Nikki, who you might remember from her maternity photo shoot, had her baby, Zadok.

Nikki is so fabulously talented. She's not only a photographer too, but a jewelry artist as well. (To see her stuff, visit Awaken the Dawn Studios.) Nikki gave me this necklace awhile back as a give-away for my blog. Well...I held on to it for awhile (it is so beautiful!), but didn't get around to posting about it.
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Instead of offering the necklace as a give-away, I'm going to auction it instead. See, I've been wanting to get over to see Nikki, Dustin and Zadok, but I've been pretty busy with school and life in general. I thought, instead, that I'd auction her necklace and give the money to her instead. She agreed!

To see a couple more photos, visit my flickr page.

Nikki's necklace will be up for auction until next Friday, April 22nd. Please post your bid in the comments on this post. Let's start at $5. Happy bidding!


Jill Cook said...

Kelly/Nikol- $5 (to start!)

Beautiful necklace :)

Angel said...

:-) I love it.

Helen said...


Angel said...


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