I would ask you to pardon my absence if I thought you had noticed...

Our little family has been vacationing in California for the past couple of weeks. After a few days of post-vacation let-down and recovery, I was able to download a few photos and edit this one.

For all of us mid-westerners who rarely visit the sea, this is kelp. It's a plant that grows in the ocean, sometimes washing up on the beach.

We stopped along the ocean for a few moments while I studied the map. The boys flew out of the car. I happily followed them after I figured out how to get back on track.


Owen is sick. I'll be taking him to the doctor soon this morning. Please send him positive healing vibes.


Connie said...

I'm surprised kelp has all those colors in it. I thought it was just green.

Positive vibes going out!

Degolar said...

Noticed. Great pic. Vibing.

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