our tree

Last year I did a little research about what's most environmentally-friendly--cutting a tree, buying a live one or having an artificial one. Surprisingly, cutting a tree is the best. (I thought maybe having an artificial tree might be best, but its production is what causes the most environmental destruction. Cutting a live one saves on shipping and allows for replenishment.)

Sadly, the folks who own the place we've gone the past two years to cut our tree are retiring. Great for them, not for us :)

Alas, here is our tree:

These are some of the ornaments that have special meanings to us.

the hula girl from Hawaii

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Mr. Gnome
(he's holding a book!)

from my friend, Anke, who lives in Germany.

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We found this one in a little shop in Sitka, Alaska.

Everyone, have a merry, merry X-mas!!!

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