I was chatting with my writer friend, Wendy, tonight. She sometimes uses prompts to spur her creativity. We came up with a fun idea that I hope you'll do too.

Here it goes:

Next Wednesday, November 10th, I'll publish a photo. You'll have two weeks to send me (kellysime[at]gmail.com) a story that's 750 words or shorter to go with the photo. On the following Wednesday, I'll publish Wendy's story. And the Wednesdays after that, I'll publish your stories.

Sound good? Cool. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Since I can't go without some sort of photo...here's one. Can you guess what it is?

Now I'm off to find a photo for the writer prompt...


belongfellow said...

no, i can't figure it out. something with gas and/or water going into it. . . ?

Kelly Sime said...

close, mr. belongfellow...it's gas-related.

Degolar said...

The new steampunk self-check machine for the YA room of the library.

Kelly Sime said...

ha. ha. funny, Degolar :)

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