For a while I'd been using "circumstance design", a company name Scott came up with, to mark my photo stuff. When we decided not to renew the domain name, I simplified. Hopefully it's easier for people to find me now that I'm search-able by my name now instead of the company.

I'm a little sad about it because Scott had dreams of starting a graphic design component under the name. It's as if he's letting a little of that go...He certainly can come back to it at any time. Anyway, it's about asking one's self what we can let go. And I am proud that we can pursue elegance with this small change.

With the change of name, new business cards are here. Scott, in his infinite wisdom, suggested MOO. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the MiniCards I ordered. It's exciting to see my photos on my business cards. The printing is excellent. The shipping was faster than expected. The creation process was e.a.s.y. And, they're not paying me to say this stuff...

So, please, if you see me, ask for a card! The above photo is one of the designs (Scott's favorite) that I had printed.

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scott said...

Maybe i'll take my superlative powerpoints on the conference road. it's a little way i can bring good design to my library friends.

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