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Redefining school boundaries is always a hot topic. The following is a letter to the editor that my co-worker, Jan, had published in the Kansas City Star on Saturday, October 23rd.

Cheers for Shawnee Mission North High

As a parent of two students who graduated from Shawnee Mission North and a teacher in the Shawnee Mission School District, I would like to respond to the recent parental concerns about the educational standards of Shawnee Mission North High School. I can personally attest to the excellence of North at all levels.

My son received advanced instruction in college-level mathematics courses taught by an instructor with his doctorate in math. While attending Princeton University, he took a comparable math course that he thought was taught at an inferior level to the course he had taken at North.

However, I feel Shawnee Mission North’s outstanding feature is its diversity. My daughter had a friend who spent a summer in New York City. When I asked her what it was like in such a diverse city, she responded, “It was really just like being at North.”
I think that is the highest compliment a school can receive, to say it has prepared its students both academically and personally to be citizens of the global community.

Jan McConnell
Overland Park


Degolar said...

Love it! Both the photo and the letter.

scott said...

beautiful photo. i think it looks even nicer against the white background of your page.

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